Massively Increase WordPress Site Speed with Swift – over 50% off!

NOW ON: Massively Increase WordPress Site Speed with Swift – over 50% off!

Expires: June 20, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Web users today have very little patience. One second can be the difference between conversion and abandonment. If your site’s too slow to load, you don’t just risk losing tons of visitors, it can also seriously affect your search rankings. That’s why, if you have a WordPress site, you definitely need to take a look at Swift v7!

Swift v7 is an incredibly fast and highly customizable WordPress theme. It’s simple to use and makes monetizing your WP site a snap. Oh yeah, and it’s like adding rocket fuel to your website’s speed. You’ll have to act swiftly yourself, though, if you want to take advantage of this fantastic Mighty Deal where you can save over 50% off Swift’s regular price!

Swift v7 Highlights:

  • Speed Up Your Website
    Slow page loads can not only cost you potential clients, they actually do even more damage to your search engine rankings. That’s why Swift is designed with speed in mind. Need proof? Swift Themes score 90+ on Google Page Speed, Performance grade of 100 and less than 500ms load time on pingdom tools.
  • Developer friendly, build sites in a jiffy
    Swift is very developer friendly with lots of hook, filters and short codes. Also, Swift makes building business sites a super easy and fun task. You can convert any PSD to WordPress site in just a couple of hours. See the business site demo here
  • Optimized for Search Engines
    Every single line of code has been carefully crafted to make sure its fast and highly search engine optimized. Your main content will always be positioned at the beginning of the document flow, not matter where it actually appears in your visual layout (even if the sidebar is what your users see first). Swift makes highly efficient use of H tags. For example, your post or page title will have an H1 tag and H tags are not wasted on visual elements, such as widget titles. You’ll get traffic to your site from users who truly care about your content and will stick around.
  • Responsive Design
    The creators of Swift know that your users visit your site anywhere and everywhere. It’s no longer just desktop traffic you’re getting; it’s mobile. From smartphones to tablets to laptops, Swift has you covered, ensuring your website doesn’t just function everywhere, but that it also looks fantastic. It’s as good as a native app! Swift also gives you the option to display different ads for desktop and mobile visitors. Also, unlike other themes, which just resize and hide elements when using responsive design, when viewing your site on a mobile device, Swift actually serves smaller sized images that are better optimized for mobile devices.

  • Highly Customizable
    With Swift, you’re given an infinite number of layout possibilities. By mixing up color schemes, font options and widgets, you can create countless websites with ease! Swift offers loads of design-based features to give you full control over your site’s look and feel, including:
    • 3 unique layout types: Fluid Width, Fixed Width, and Hybrid.
    • Adjustable sidebar widgets
    • 2 navigation styles
    • Multiple post layout styles: Blog, List, and 2 Magazine formats
    • Display posts as a list on archive pages (helps avoid duplicate content)
    • Predefined typography stacks
    • 10+ page templates to quickly build business sites
  • Loads of Shortcodes
    Shortcodes makes customizing your site a snap. Just drop down a super short word or phrase wherever you’d like a feature, and it’s there! Swift features a slew of shortcodes for posts, pages and widgets that help add buttons, info boxes, tabbed content, lists and more!
  • 10 Interactive Widgets
    If you’re looking to keep your users interactive on your site, you’ll love the 10 incredible widgets from Swift. These won’t just make your site look cooler, they’ll make it even more useful to your visitors. Widgets include:
    • RSS subscribe widget
    • Tabs widget
    • Popular posts
    • Random posts
    • Category specific text widget
    • Page specific text widget
    • Home page only text widget
    • Smart text widget
    • Page & post specific ads widget
    • Swift affiliates widget
  • Easily Monetize Your Entire site
    With Swift, you can put up ads just about anywhere you’d like with ease. Swift includes a built-in robust ad management system that lets you add separate ads for desktops+tablets and mobiles. Choose from up to 10 major locations spanning from above the header to below your post title to above your footer.
  • 8 page Templates
    Every business is different. That’s why you have a wide variety of templates to choose from when building your business website. In fact, you’ll get 8 different templates to work with that give you a great starting point for your site. Templates include: Full Width, Full Width Hybrid, Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar, 85% Width, Default, Feedback, and Feedback Mosaic.
  • Unique Template Feature Options
    Every template includes loads of options to help you customize things down to the individual page level! Features include the ability to hide page titles, a widget for adding custom sidebar content, custom page CSS to style page-specific elements, and the ability to disable default WordPress content formatting.

View the demo

Backend Screenshot: Typography Settings

Typography Settings

Backend Screenshot: Background Image

Background Images

Backend Screenshot: Color Options

Color Options

Backend Screenshot: Layout Options

Layout Options

Newspaper Layout:

Example of Widget: 

Show Posts

Swift powered website looking like a native mobile app:


Examples of sites powered by Swift v7:

Genie Forge


Careers Advice


Mobile Talks


A Message From The Founder:

“Swift is developed with a lot of care, love, passion and dedication. It’s a product born out of need, a need for a fast, lite weight customizable theme. If you use Swift, you will experience how thoughtfully everything is designed. The flexibility it gives you is nothing like before. No theme has been built this way, yet it makes so much sense.” – Satish Gandham


“After trying out many themes I finally found Swift and realised most of my customisations could be finished in few minutes or hours and not the days. I’ve been using Swift now for more than 3 years and have full trust in the product.” – Deepak Kesawani

“After 5 years of blogging and 10 different site makeovers,  I finally found  a theme that I actually like….. THIS ONE !! Not only did I find the perfect theme for my site, but I was lucky enough to have Satish Gandham to install and modify it for me. Who better to install customize a theme then the creator of the theme himself? He charged me a very nominal fee and set the whole thing up in just a couple of hours. I highly recommend his work. Thanks so much Satish for all the work you did on this project.” – Stephen Gaudet

“I immediately loved the look of Swift Theme when I found it almost a year ago and have been nothing but happy with its appearance and functionality ever since. I find the design eye catching and its features very easy to learn and work with.” – Sabina Lohr

“When I think wordpress – I immediately think Swift.” – Jarl Kubat

“My website is now in the top 10 for google searches for my business in my country. The SEO of the theme has made a huge difference in the amount of traffic I get to my website and reduced the bounce rate.” – Dr. Jonathan Moy

“I love that Swift doesn’t sacrifice good looks for speed, or speed for good looks! It is a beautiful, easy to customize theme that’s darn fast even right out of the box.” – Chel Hamilton


Choose from two of Swift’s popular plans geared towards personal or developer use, both at savings up to 50% off the regular price!

  • Personal – Pay just $27 (regularly $57)
    * 1 year of updates
    * 1 year of support
    * Lifetime usage
  • Developer – Pay just $47 (regularly $97)
    * 1 year of updates
    * 1 year of support
    * Use on client sites
    * Lifetime usage

Click the BUY NOW button, choose your plan and give your website the speed it deserves!

Deal terms:

  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to register and download Swift from the website.
  • Note: You will need to provide billing info when registering, for renewal purposes only, however, you can cancel the renewal at any time, to avoid any further charges. you can continue to use the theme after the year, without renewing it, however, you will not receive support and updates beyond one year.
  • Swift is a WordPress theme, which requires WordPress version 4.0 or higher. It cannot be installed on sites that are hosted at
  • Swift theme is licensed under the GNU Public License version 2.0

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