GRANDÉ BUNDLE v3: 217 PSD Mockups Bundle – only $27!

NOW ON: GRANDÉ BUNDLE v3: 217 PSD Mockups Bundle – only $27!

Expires: July 8, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Version 3 of the popular Grandé Bundle has been released with even more superb mockups, including new mockups for the iPhone 6, for the while keeping this deal at the same low price.

Mockups can be a huge timesaver (and lifesaver) when it comes to design. Get an early look at what your projects are going to look like in the real world before you commit. With the new version 3 this Mighty Deal from ZippyPixels, you’ll get yourself 217 high-quality, professional mockups to play around with. Simple to use, you can place your latest designs in these PSD mockups and easily see how your work will look on everything from stationery to flyers to ads to office gifts. And for a limited time only, you can get this mega professional collection for just $27!


  • 217 Professional Mockups
    This designer’s dream of a Mighty Deal includes 217 professional mockups to make your next project incredibly easier. You’ll find mockups for a huge variety of projects including: books, magazines, Apple devices, stationery, brochures, flyers, photo frames, office gifts, and more!
  • High-Definition Mockups
    All of these mockups are high-quality and high resolution! Mock ups are 3500×2300 in size except Logo mockups which are 1920×1080 in size.
  • Easy to Edit with Smart Objects
    With the original Photoshop files, all of these mockups are a cinch to update any way you’d like. You can easily exchange the placeholder designs with your own in just a few minutes!
  • Photorealistic Mockups
    All these mockups are designed to show off exactly what your project will look like in the real world on a real product. No more surprises.

Take a look at exactly what’s included in this deal:

48 Stationery Mockups

Stationery doesn’t just mean “nice paper.” Uh uh. This deal includes 48 Stationery Mockups and that includes letterhead, business cards, employee ID cards, letter and larger envelopes, file folders, leather diaries, CD covers and more!

55 Apple Device Mockups (updated)

Want to see what your design looks like on one of Apple’s latest popular devices? Just work your project into these mockups to sample it on an iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro. These mockups have been updated to include an 20 mockups for the iPhone 6.

12 Books and Magazines Mockups

Get a realistic view of your book or magazine designs before you sign off and ship it to the printer. Same with eBooks too! 

32 Advertising Mockups (updated)

Whip up a mockup for a large billboard or huge shop window poster! This collection is just perfect for one-page advertisements or sales papers you’d see in newspapers or posters. This set has been updated to include 13 newspaper advertisement mockups.

25 Flyers and Brochures Mockups

Doing brochure work for a client? Wow them with some gorgeous mockups of what a flyer or brochure would look like in real life. Options for this set include a face-up and opened brochure, single page, bifold and trifold flyer.

9 Office Gifts mockups

This set is great for companies looking to brand items with their logo for either internal use or to give away as promotional or corporate gifts. Try your logo out on numerous items including gift pens, table calendar, leather cover diary, branded coffee mug, wall clocks and more.

9 Photo Frame mockups (new)

Showcase your designs in beautiful Wooden frame in 9 different poses. These fantastic frame mockups feature customizable background, frame color and mat board/mount color.

12 Logo Mockups

When you need to create a brand-new logo, let these mockups give you a jumpstart!


This incredible collection of PSD mockups normally sells for $59, but for a limited time only, you can get all 160 of them for just $27! That’s 54% off the regular price.

Click the BUY NOW button to beef up your designer’s toolbox today!

Deal terms:

  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase. The download is split into several files, totalling approximately 8.5 GB.
  • This bundle can be used for personal and commercial purposes.
  • If you purchased the previous Grandé Bundle Mighty Deal, you will receive a free upgrade to v3.
  • These are Photoshop PSD files which require a minimum of Photoshop CS4.
  • The print sizes are: Letterhead: A4, Flyers: DIN LANG 99mm x 210mm, Business cards: 89mm x 51mm.
  • Includes free updates.
  • This bundle comes with a Royalty Free license.
  • Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is not permitted.
  • This bundle can not be used for any pornographic or unlawful purpose.

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39 Exclusive Facebook Fan Page Templates – only $29!

NOW ON: 39 Exclusive Facebook Fan Page Templates – only $29!

Expires: July 2, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Keep your Facebook fans entertained and interested by updating the look of your page. With this Mighty Deal, you’ll get 39 exclusive Facebook page templates to change things up. Choose from 39 unique designs, with each template featuring everything you’ll need to be Facebook Timeline compliant, including a cover, profile picture and tab image.


  • 39 exclusive Facebook Page templates offer a wide range of styles to give your page a wonderful facelift.
  • Don’t worry about designing your own look, just use these high-quality, professional templates that are perfectly ready for use.
  • At 810px wide, these templates are the exact size for your FB page, meaning they are totally compliant with Facebook’s Timeline format.
  • Each template includes a Timeline cover, profile picture and tab image, so you are fully covered.
  • Built-in widgets offer loads of comfort including Google maps, social icons, image rotator, contact form, testimonials and more.
  • Great to use for a business page for your company or to show off your creative portfolio.
  • Easily edit any of these templates using the included source files: PSD, HTML, PHP, CSS and JS files.
  • If you need any assistance, the detailed instructions in text and video format can walk you through it all.

Sample Previews:

See all the previews


Normally this amazing collection of Facebook Page templates costs $790, but for a limited time only, you can get all 39 exclusive templates for only $29! That’s a savings of 96% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button to give your Facebook page a facelift today!

Deal terms:

  • Templates are delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • These are HTML/CSS templates – not WordPress templates or within another CMS (Content Management System).
  • The webserver where your templates are hosted, must have an SSL certificate.
  • You will receive the CSS, HTML, JS, PHP and Photoshop PSD files for all templates.
  • The templates can be used for personal and commercial purposes, however, you may not resell or redistribute these templates without prior written consent from FanFBMLTemplates.
  • The templates are covered by basic support. Additional customization and installation services are not included.

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Retouch Images Like a Pro with PixelGear 2 – only $24!

NOW ON: Retouch Images Like a Pro with PixelGear 2 – only $24!

Expires: July 7, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Jealous of all those sharp, retouched photos out there? Now you don’t have to be, thanks to the fantastic PixelGear 2 tool from PSKiss. With this simple-to-use Photoshop plugin, you’ll quickly learn how to retouch like a pro! Using various features of the intuitive on-screen panel, you’ll be cleaning up your images in no time flat! Sharpen details. Enhance shadows! Retouch skin tones. Quick and simple to use, PixelGear 2 will convert your good photos into great ones!


  • Easily and quickly touch up any of your photos to give them a polished, professional look.
  • PixelGear 2 offers up genuine retouch filters that work directly on your images with a user-friendly on-screen panel.
  • Use the ToneGear to enhance shadows, highlights and your image’s overall contrast.
  • Clean up fuzzy areas by sharpening and enhancing details with the EdgeGear feature.
  • Using the SkinGear feature, you can jump right on retouching skin within your photo.
  • PixelGear 2’s unique PSKiss on-screen panel is as easy to use as a basic mobile app.
  • No dialogue boxes or unnecessary steps to confuse and slow you down as you retouch your photos.
  • With a non-destructive workflow, you never have to worry about completely losing your original images.
  • Impress your friends, family and clients with incredibly professional-looking images!

Before and After examples:


Normally, PixelGear 2 sells for $49.90, but for a limited time only, you can get this amazing photo retouching tool for only $24! That’s a savings of 52% off the regular price.

Click the BUY NOW button to give your photos the focus they deserve!

Deal terms:

  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • Licensed on a per user basis. You may install it on multiple computers, for the same user. 
  • This is a Photoshop Plugin which requires Adobe Photoshop version CS5 or later (including Photoshop CC, CC 2014 and CC 2015).
  • This plugin is not compatible with Photoshop Elements or Lightroom.

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Adagio Serif Family (18 Modern Fonts) – only $17!

NOW ON: Adagio Serif Family (18 Modern Fonts) – only $17!

Expires: July 6, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

The Adagio Font Family continues with Adagio Serif! Similar to its sister font, also available as Mighty Deals (Adagio Sans), the Adagio Serif Family was designed to put together some professional company identities through a wide range of different varieties that are stylistically consistent. This latest font family features 9 unique weights, 2 styles (including true italics), and is a great choice for headline use, as well as longer text.


  • Strong contrast and high detail mix with calligraphic character cuts to create an overall light feeling in this beautiful typeface.
  • Adagio Serif features a whopping 18 different typefaces in 1 happy font family.
  • This modern type family features a regular and true italics style, with 9 different weights per style, for a total of 18 different fonts.
  • Mix and match any of the 9 weights for seamless results; Extra Light, Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold, Black and Heavy.
  • Adagio Serif differs from its sister front Adagio Slab due to its asymmetrical serifs.
  • A large X length and highly stretched descenders make Adagio Serif great to use in longer text, though the strong details makes it a solid choice for headlines as well.
  • Adagio Serif was created to be a wonderful complement to both Adagio Sans, with all 3 families combining for 400+ characters in 9 different thicknesses.
  • All of the Adagio Font Families were designed to create all sorts of consistent company identities.


Normally the Adagio Serif Font Family sells for $270, but for a limited time only, you can get all 18 fonts for a mere $17! That’s a saving of 94% off the regular price. If you really want to take advantage of this deal, you can grab the Desktop + Webfont license combo for only $25, instead of the regular price of $405!

Click the BUY NOW button to add this wonderful font family to your collection today!

Deal terms:

  • Delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
  • The Desktop font files are in .otf format and work on both Windows and Mac. In order to use the additional OpenType characters, you will need an OpenType savvy application, such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign, or another application where you can access the glyphs palette.
  • The Web fonts are delivered in .eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff formats and are designed to work with @font-face for text on websites.
  • May be used for personal or commercial projects. Licensed for one user only. You may choose multiple quantities in the shopping cart.
  • Desktop fonts may use the fonts to create images on any surface where the image is a fixed size. You may also create EPS files or other scalable drawings provided that the files are only used by the licensee only.
  • License allow usage in static images in mobile apps (jpegs, png, etc) but do not include mobile app embedding.

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350+ Watercolors and Paint Splats Design Kit – only $12!

NOW ON: 350+ Watercolors and Paint Splats Design Kit – only $12!

Expires: July 4, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Want to make a real splash with your design work? Then jump on this fabulous Mighty Deal from Hakan Ertan. You’ll get more than 350 watercolor designs and paint splats covering a variety of categories like florals, plants, leaves, feathers, arrows, ribbons and more! Easily edit and resize these elements as you work them into your latest projects.


  • Add a real splash to your latest project with this gorgeous collection of 350+ Watercolor Designs!
  • This fabulous collection includes a breathtaking variety of images in tons of categories such as: florals, plants, leaves, feathers, wreaths, bouquets, arrows, ribbons, branches, textures, shapes and more.
  • These illustrations are perfect to use for so many projects such as logos, wedding invitations, T-shirts, labels, posters, greeting cards, stationery, and more.
  • These design elements were built as individual transparent files that are compatible with a number of popular design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchApp and CorelDraw.
  • Easily work these elements into your designs as each image is provided as an individual PNG and EPS 8 with transparent background.
  • This set also includes vector shapes, Paint Splats and noisy textures.



Normally, this gorgeous set sells for $25, but for a limited time only you can get more than 350 design elements for only $12! OR, get the Extended License for only $35 instead of $70! The Extended License allows you to incorporate the graphics into websites or website template, API, software or similars for resale or distribution and also to incorporate the graphics into merchandise for sale (T-shirts, mugs, posters, etc).

Click the BUY NOW to add a real splash of color to your work!

Deal terms:

  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase. 
  • The images are delivered in PNG and EPS 8 with transparent background.
  • The vector shapes, splats and textures are delivered as ABR and CSH.
  • Can be used for both personal and commercial work.
  • Extended License is required if you want to user the graphics in items that will be redistributed or resold, such as website templates. See the Extended license. See the Simple license.

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$20 off the SwatchMate Cube, a Designer’s Perfect Color Capturing Tool

NOW ON: $20 off the SwatchMate Cube, a Designer’s Perfect Color Capturing Tool

Expires: July 3, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Big things really do come in small packages! Take the SwatchMate Cube, for example. This plastic device measures just 1.96″L x 1.96″W x 2.16″H (5cm x 5cm x 5.5cm). Small in size but big on usefulness, Cube is a great way to capture color details such as RBG, Hex or CMYK values. It can even measure light intensity and ambient temperature in the room! Talk about a designer’s new best friend!


  • Easily capture color details from just about anything!
  • With Cube, you have the ultimate color capturing tool for designers and creative minds.
  • Cube is compatible with iOS7+ (or later) and Android 4.3+ (or later) devices that contain Bluetooth 4.0.
  • With the Cube’s free app, you can store, favorite and share all sorts of colors, letting you obtain detailed color readouts from any of your surroundings.
  • Capture RGB values (SRGB or Adobe RGB), HEX values, and even CMYK values (FOGRA39 or US Web Coated SWOP).
  • Cube can even match Photoshop’s built-in libraries, artist palettes, spray paint palettes and more!
  • Thanks to SwatchMate, you can even use Cube to measure light intensity and ambient temperature!
  • Cube is great for graphic designers, photographers, fashion designers, interior designers, trade painters, and any other creative careers that center on color.


Normally, the SwatchMate Cube sells for $179, but for a limited time only (and only while limited stocks last), you can get this fabulous color capturing tool for only $159! (includes WorldWide shipping)

Click the BUY NOW button to grab this killer product at a discount now!

Deal terms:

  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to redeem at the SwatchCube website.
  • The set includes: 1x Cube, 1x Protective Polyelastomer Cap, 1x Micro USB Charging Cable, 1x Instruction Manual. Cube Color: Arctic White. Dimensions: 1.96″L x 1.96″W x 2.16″H.
  • Cubes are generally shipped within three business days via USPS for all US customers, and within a week via FedEx for most other locations.
  • The shipping fee is included in the price, but this does not include regional import taxes or VAT which may apply.
  • If you have particular concerns regarding taxes, please include a comment at the last step of checkout with any specific billing instructions.
  • Returns: one year warranty for product defects (excluding general wear and tear, abuse and operation against recommendations in user manual). See the full returns policy at

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Fetching: Supercharge your Browser History – only $19!

NOW ON: Fetching: Supercharge your Browser History – only $19!

Expires: July 1, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Forget about spending hours or even days hunting down those websites you visited previously. Yep, meet Fetching, a brand-new kind of browser history and bookmarking app. With Fetching keeps track of every page you visit so you can easily find it again in the future. That’s because Fetching saves the full text of every page you visit, as well as some robust and superior search tools to help you filter down your results quickly and easily.


  • Keep track of every single Web page you’ve ever visited so you can quickly and easily find them again later.
  • A simple UI means you can quickly find the results you need without any real fuss.
  • The full content of Web pages is saved, so you’ll revisit pages exactly as you remember them, not just what happens to be public now.
  • Powerful filters help you refine your searches by domain, time, body, title, notes and even tags.
  • You’ll have complete privacy control, as Fetching can be turned off at any time, and is automatically disabled in private and incognito modes.
  • A slick browser plug-in, Fetching runs in the background so there’s nothing for you to worry about.
  • Compatible with today’s most popular browsers, Fetching is fully supported on Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
  • Use tags and notes directly from your browser to keep track of everything and making future searching even easier.


“Caches every single webpage you visit, creating your own personal search engine.”- Wired

“Saves a comprehensive copy of your history for years to come.” – Engadget

“If you’re tired of spending hours searching for that perfect funny cat pic, then forgetting where you found it, you’ll want to go grab [Fetching].” – SpryDigital


Normally, Fetching Native sells for $29.99, but for a limited time only, you can get this amazing browsing history tool for only $19! That’s a savings of 37% off the regular price. The Native version runs on Mac OS X only, or you can get the a full year of the Cloud version for only $24 instead of $39! The Cloud version can be used on any operating system.

Click the BUY NOW button to choose your preferred version and supercharge your browser history today!

Deal terms:

  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to register at the vendor’s website.
    • Fetching Native requires Mac OS X.

    • The updates for Fetching Native are included for one year.
    • For the Cloud version you’ll be asked to provide your credit card details, but will not be charged as long as the coupon code is provided. Your account will automatically renew one year later. You can cancel at anytime, but will receive full credit for any time remaining on the current subscription. 
    • This software is only for personal purposes only.
    • Reselling, redistributing and giving away is not allowed.

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