New Year’s Special: Get 20% Mighty Cash Back on All Purchases

NOW ON: New Year’s Special: Get 20% Mighty Cash Back on All Purchases

Expires: January 2, 2015, 1:59 am EST

Deal terms:




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2 Responsive Design Workshops by Smashing Magazine’s Vitaly Friedman -50% off!

NOW ON: 2 Responsive Design Workshops by Smashing Magazine’s Vitaly Friedman -50% off!

Expires: January 6, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

These days you can’t build a website without at least thinking of mobile use. Responsive Design is no longer a treat, but pretty much a necessity. Whether you’re already familiar with it or looking to learn about responsive design, then this Mighty Deal from Smashing Magazine is for you! You’ll get TWO 2-hour Online Workshops teaching you all about responsive web design and UX techniques, including design patterns and front-end performance. Both of these workshops take place online on March 2nd and 3rd at 12pm EST (5pm GMT). If you happen to miss the live time, you can watch it back afterwards. Act now, and you can get both workshops for the price of one!

Responsive Web Design Tutorial Highlights:

  • Two 2-Hour Online Workshops
    If you’re looking to make the most of Responsive Web Design, you’ll love this deal. You’ll get access to not 1 but 2 online workshops running down everything you need to know about Responsive Web Design including design patterns and UX Techniques in one workshop, and smart front-end and performance optimization techniques in the other!
  • Taught by Smashing Magazine’s Vitaly Friedman
    For both workshops, your host is none other than Smashing Magazine’s own Editor-in-Chief Vitaly Friedman. He’ll present a variety of practical techniques, clever tips and tricks, and useful strategies for working with a responsive design. 
  • Perfect for Designers and Developers
    While this workshop is good for anyone interested in working with responsive design, it’s perfect for professional designers and developers. A basic knowledge of responsive design, HTML5 and CSS is recommended.
  • Responsive Design Patterns and UX Techniques
    You’ll learn a variety of responsive design patterns and innovative approaches to all sorts of responsive modules. Get the lowdown on working with modules like tables, calendar, multi-level menus, maps and Web forms.
  • Front-End Strategies
    Master a slew of front-end strategies to bring your designs to the next level. Learn tips, tricks and overall techniques for scalable, resolution-independent graphics and maintainable CSS code.
  • Testing and Debugging
    Besides just building with responsive design, you’ll learn how to deal with any problems that may occur. Get the lowdown on testing, debugging and maintenance techniques for responsive sites. You’ll even learn some valuable lessons from Smashing Magazine’s own recent redesign and performance optimizations.
  • Site Optimization
    There’s ways to build responsive designs and ways to build them better. With these workshops, you’ll learn how to truly optimize your responsive website for a better mobile UX, offline UX and even print.
  • Responsive Design and Project Management
    Responsive Design opens up new opportunities and lots more things to keep in mind. These workshops will show you how the design process needs to adapt in terms of project managements, deliverables, performance budget, strategy and team organization.

About Vitaly Friedman:

Vitaly Friedman loves beautiful content and does not give up easily. While studying computer science and mathematics, he discovered his passion for typography, writing and design. He co-founded Smashing Magazine and is editor-in-chief there.


Normally, these 2 workshops would cost you $98, but for a limited time only, you can get both 2-hour workshops for just $49! That’s a 50% savings off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button to take control of Responsive Design today!

Deal terms:

  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to register for both online workshops.
  • The workshops take place online on March 2nd and March 3rd at 12pm EST (5pm GMT). You’ll be able to watch them back afterwards, if you miss the live time.
  • You will be able to download all of the lecture slides after each workshop.
  • You will need to install the free GoToWebinar application in order to attend these webinars.

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EXCLUSIVE Script Font Bundle: 10 Gorgeous Typefaces – only $27!

NOW ON: EXCLUSIVE Script Font Bundle: 10 Gorgeous Typefaces – only $27!

Expires: January 5, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Looking to end the year with a bang? Then have we got the Year-End Bundle for you! Check out this Sensational Script Font Bundle that’s just bursting with goodwill and cheer! Loaded with 10 fantastic, high-quality font collections, you’ll add a real aura of fun, professionalism and class to your designs. This Exclusive Font Bundle includes 10 beautiful script font sets that range from whimsical to incredibly high class. Best of all, you can save more than 90% off the entire group if you act now! How’s that for Year-End Savings?

You’ll get ALL of these fantastic fonts:


This fun and unique script typeface, by Artimasa, has a wonderfully vintage feel to it that gives off a real natural hand-lettering approach. Its natural hand written feel makes it perfect for various projects such as wedding invitations, greeting cards, posters, logos and more. Consisting of 367 glyphs, Hysteria comes with a variety of OpenType features such as Ligature, Contextual Alternates, and stylistic alternates. You’ll also get a set of Hand Drawn Vector Symbols in .AI and .EPS formats.

01 Hipsteria
02 Hipsteria
03 Hipsteria
04 Hipsteria
05 Hipsteria


Formal with a personal touch is the best way to describe Graceful, a vintage-themed script typeface by Artimasa. Use it for wedding invitations, greeting cards, labels, insignias and more. Besides featuring 317 glyphs and 144 alternate characters, you’ll get a slew of OpenType features including Contextual Alternates, Ligatures, Stylistic Alternates, Stylistic Sets and Swash.


Briar Rose

A font by any other name… This beautiful, romantic, hand-lettered calligraphy font by OnTheSpotStudio has a touch of vintage to it.


Shepia Script

Classic and full of fun, Shepia Script is a Monoline Cursive Handwriting typeface by Seniors. You’ll get nearly 390 glyphs, 188 alternate characters and loads of OpenType features such as Stylistic Alternates, Ornaments, Swashes and more. This professional font is just great for logos, T-shirts, signs, posters, wedding invitations, badges and more!


Everglow Script

Bold, classic and just bursting with fun, Everglow is a Script Retro font by Seniors that includes nearly 560 glyphs and 322 alternate characters. You’ll also get plenty of OpenType features such as Stylistic Alternates, Ornaments, swashes and more. It’s the perfect solution for your latest projects revolving around logos, T-shirts, letterhead, signs, badges, posters and more!



Simply adorable, the Sheila typeface, by Laura Worthington, is a wonderfully fun handwriting font that’s just perfect for greeting cards, notes, signs and more. Sheila features 35 alternates, 30 ligatures and has a natural handwriting feel that looks as if it were written with a ballpoint pen.

Sheila 1
Sheila 2
Sheila 3


This mega font family is made up of 34 high-quality fonts. Inspired by the hand-drawn font style of bakery menus, Catalina, by Kimmy Design, is great for menus, table cards, chalkboards and wall quotes! The Catalina family boasts a number of different weights, upright and italics styles, tilting alternatives, stylistic alternatives, custom small caps, and more!

Catalina 01
Catalina 02
Catalina 03
Catalina 04
Catalina 05
Catalina 06

Ragazza Script

With more than 1,000 glyphs, Ragazza Script by Latinotype is just loaded with personality! Perfect for headlines and short phrases, it’s a wonderful new modern script just bursting with OpenType features such as alternates, swashes and initial caps.



A modern paintbrush calligraphy font from MyCandyThemes, with a natural style, Chaotiq is bold, irregular and a bit abstract. Its paintbrush watercolor style will enhance and beautify your latest project. Use it on a variety of designs including art quotes, handdrawn logos, DIY projects, invitations, scrapbooking, nursery decor design, wall art design, blog headers, and more! Comes in two styles; Chaotiq and ChaotiqTight.

Chaotiq 1
Chaotiq 2
Chaotiq 3
Chaotiq 4
Chaotiq 5


A trendy, modern brush script, Dality from MyCandyThemes will truly add a burst of fun to any project! Available in Small Tracking and Regular Tracking, you can really change things up in terms of character spacing to produce a number of variations and fancy looks. There are even 12 extra swashes included to make the most of this unique font! Use it for brushy logos, typography watermarks, designer banners, invitations and more!

Dality 1
Dality 2
Dality 3
Dality 4
Dality 5


Normally, you’d pay $485 for this entire collection of 10 font families (for the Desktop versions), but for a limited time only, you can get the entire bundle for a mere $27! That’s a ridiculous savings of 94% off the regular price! OR get BOTH the Desktop and Web font versions of all 9 font families together for just $39!

Click the BUY NOW button to take home these terrific typefaces today!

Deal terms:

  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The desktop fonts are delivered in a mix of .otf and .ttf files and can be installed on both Mac and Windows.
  • In order to access the alternate characters and glyphs for some of these fonts, you will need an OpenType savvy programs, such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign.
  • These fonts can be used for both commercial and personal projects.
  • You will receive a single user license for these fonts. You may purchase multiple licenses of this deal.

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Create HTML5 Display Ads with BannerFlow – 79% off!

NOW ON: Create HTML5 Display Ads with BannerFlow – 79% off!

Expires: January 3, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

How’d you like to easily create a banner ad? Or, even better, take that newly created ad and instantly whip up multiple versions in a variety of different sizes! With BannerFlow it’s not only possible, it’s super simple! Using the easy drag-and-drop feature, you’ll be putting together loads of different banner ads, including videos and animations if you’d like. You can even do A/B testing and work with XML feeds! And for a limited time only, you can save up to 80% off the regular price!

BannerFlow Highlights:

  • Design Banner Ads Faster
    Now you can design all sorts of banner ads without the use of dozens of designers. With Bannerflow, it’s faster and easier than ever to whip up multiple banner ads in a variety of formats. 
  • Simple to Use
    It couldn’t be easier to create your own banners. Just use the drag and drop ad designer to build your own. You can even instantly preview how different design elements will behave.
  • Gorgeous Templates
    You don’t even need to start completely from scratch. Take advantage of the gorgeous templates included in your purchase and simply alter them to suit your needs.
  • Transition Effects & Animations
    Animated ads are a great way to grab someone’s attention. With Bannerflow, you can easily add all sorts of pre-styled animations and transition effect, or customize your own!
  • Immediate Responsive Ads
    No need to build and rebuild your ads for every possible mobile device out there. Uh uh. You can take the same ad, with the same message and quickly build it in all sorts of different sizes, so they’ll work on all sorts of devices in all different screen sizes.
  • Video Ads
    You can even create video ads! Simply add movies or animations to any of your ads for some additional action!
  • Backwards Compatible
    Worried about those users on older devices or browsers? Don’t be. Bannerflow will automatically generate .GIF, .JPG or .PNG versions of your animated ads and serve those up instead.
  • Multiple Changes At Once
    You can change up your ad campaign in a heartbeat. Whether it’s an unexpected opportunity or just something new, you can make changes to your ad campaign without having to redo every single individually sized ad. Just update all your ads remotely on the fly!
  • Dynamic Ads
    Want to make some really dynamic ads? Use XML data feeds to offer up real-time content in your ads, such as the most current flight deals, products, news, etc.
  • Multi-Lingual Ads
    If you need to create different languages for your ads, don’t bother hiring a translator. Just select a new language, enter your text and you’re done!
  • A/B Testing
    Not sure which ad is better? Then totally optimize your campaign by creating multiple versions of your ads and running an A/B test.
  • Run Your ads Everywhere
    Bannerflow ads integrates beautifully with over 40 advertising, affiliate and content networks. They’re even compatible with Facebook ads and Google AdWords!

See how it works

Sample Banners:


Normally, you can get 1 month of BannerFlow Standard for $29 or 1 month of BannerFlow Professional for $79. But for a limited time only, you can get up to 80% off these already low prices, by choosing one of the following packages:

BannerFlow Standard
6 months for $37 (regularly $174)

  • HTML5 Banner Builder
  • Unlimited banner languages
  • Multi-screen ads
  • Customizable reports

BannerFlow Professional
3 months for $49 (regularly $237)

  • Everything in Standard +
  • 3 Users included
  • 2 Brands included
  • Team collaboration
  • Language targeting
  • Unlimited banners

Click the BUY NOW button to choose your preferred package and start simplifying your ad production today!

Deal terms:

  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to redeem and register with at the BannerFlow website.
  • BannerFlow is a recurring subscription service. To continue using BannerFlow after your selected deal time of 3 or 6 months; you will need to enter your credit card when registering registratering at the BannerFlow website. Nothing will be charged until the end of your deal time. You can cancel before being charged for the monthly subscription. See pricing.
  • Each subscription plan includes a free ad hosting package, so you do not have to host the banners (Standard 100,000 ad views, Professional: 1,000,000 ad views). You can extend your ad hosting plan at any time.
  • See BannerFlow’s terms of service.

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Mini Bundle: 180 Rugged Surface Textures – only $17!

NOW ON: Mini Bundle: 180 Rugged Surface Textures – only $17!

Expires: January 2, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Funny how a simple little background texture can completely change the look and feel of your website or latest project. So just imagine what some really amazing textures can do! With this fantastic Mighty Deal from Blixa 6 Studios, you’ll get yourself 180 Rugged Surface Textures in 1 big honkin’ collection! That’s a combination of 7 hi-res, texture sets covering a variety of textures from wood to chalkboards to fur. And if you act now, you can get it all for a mere $17!

Rugged Surface Textures Bundle Highlights:

  • 180 High-Quality Textures
    If you’re looking to beef up your textures collection, this deal has your name all over it. You’ll get 180 fantastic, top-selling textures in 1 mammoth bundle!
  • 7 Unique Texture Sets
    This collection doesn’t just offer a large quantity of textures, but a nice variety too. You’ll get 7 different texture sets covering loads of different texture styles from chalkboards to wood to brick.
  • Super High-Resolution
    These gorgeous textures were all professionally crafted from some seriously high-resolution scans and photos. All of these collections clock in at 300 DPI and 3600x3600px, except for the vintage vignettes at 3000x2100px and the extra large chalkboards at 4800x3600px.
  • Exclusive bonus: Extended Commercial License
    As an exclusive bonus for this Mighty Deal only, you’ll get an extended commercial license for ALL of the textures. This means that you can use these textures in the creation of your own products that will be sold, such as website templates, WordPress themes, etc. They can also be used on an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects.  

Take a closer look at what’s included in this collection:

  • 49 Wood Surfaces
    This real unique collection of popular textures were taken from hi-res photos of a variety of wood surfaces. There’s distressed industrial flooring, weathered walls and crumbling warehouse from the Berlin, Germany area.
  • 8 X-Large Chalkboards
    Relive those age-old school days with this fun collection of 8 extra large dusty chalkboard textures. This mega set comes in at a whopping size of 4800x3600px.
  • 19 Textured Papers
    Give your backgrounds a nice, paper quality with this set of 19 textured papers. You’ll get a variety of paper styles including black scrapbook, yellowed photo album, kraft paper, yellow lined school paper, and more.
  • 12 Whitewashed Brick Walls
    This collection sports a cool dozen textures centered on whitewashed brick walls.
  • 12 Natural Furs
    Release your inner animal with this texture collection! You’ll get 12 natural fur textures, including fox, mink, weimaraner and more!
  • 18 Watercolor Textures
    A real breath of fresh air! This collection includes 18 watercolor textures taken from hi-res scans of real, hand-painted watercolors featuring some deep gradations and texture variations.
  • 8 Vintage Vignette Page
    This popular texture collection features 8 hand-crafted vintage vignetted pages. Give your backgrounds a real classic look.
  • 50+ Additional Vignette Papers
    This exclusive bonus pack features 56 additional vignetted papers in rich jewel tones and some real diverse lighting effects. This collection isn’t available anywhere else on the Internet!



Normally, this incredible texture collection sells for $820 including additional extended commercial licenses for each set, but for a limited time only, you can get an extended commercial license for ALL 180 rugged surface textures for just $17! That’s a savings of 98% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and give your next project a real shot of texture.

Deal terms:

  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • This deal includes an extended commercial license: You may use these textures on an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects. All textures may be used in the creation of your own products that will be sold (ex. Website templates, WordPress themes, etc).
  • You may freely use these resources, without restriction, in software programs, web templates, advertisements, and other materials intended for sale or distribution. No attribution or backlinks are required, but are sincerely appreciated.
  • You are not permitted to make these resources available for distribution elsewhere “as is”.

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150 Amazing Photoshop Actions from Inventicons – only $19!

NOW ON: 150 Amazing Photoshop Actions from Inventicons – only $19!

Expires: December 31, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

If you’re looking to spice up your photos without spending hours playing around with various settings, you’ll certainly want to check out this Mighty Deal from Inventicons! This 150 Photoshop Actions Bundle is chock full of professional actions designed to turn your regular photos into amazing works of art. Simple to use, you can add a wide range of effects to any image with just a single click! Act fast, though, because for a limited time only, you can get all 150 actions for just $19!


  • 150 Amazing Actions
    If you like to play around with photos, you will love this deal. You’ll get yourself 150 incredible Photoshop actions to add all sorts of amazing effects to your images!
  • Wide Variety of Effects
    With so many Photoshop actions to use, you better believe there’s a massive range in terms of the effects available. Transform your images with ease using Fairy Action, Soft Skin Hi, Sharp Color, Golden Effect, Half-Sepia Light, Freezing Blue, Grungy Vintage, Dreamy Effect, Cotton Candy Effect, Sun Exposure, Sky Enhancer and tons more!
  • Easy to Use
    These amazing actions couldn’t be simpler to use. Simply load the action, make a selection and then play it. That’s it! Just  easy steps.
  • Fast Effects
    Don’t spend hours or even days playing around with images to get the look just right. Instead, use these Photoshop Actions to make some breathtaking changes to your photos with just the click of a mouse!


Bonus: 500 Vector Icons

In addition to the 150 Photoshop actions, this Mighty Deal includes 500 professional icons! Use them on any of your projects, either for yourself or your clients! You’ll receive the icons in .ai vector format, as well as Photoshop .psd and .png files in sizes 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512px.


This magnificent set of Photoshop actions normally sells for $75, but for a limited time only, you can get all 150 actions PLUS the 500 bonus icons for just $19! That’s a huge savings of 75% off the regular price.

Click the BUY NOW button to take action today!

Deal terms:

  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • All of the icons are Royalty Free and can be used for both commercial and personal purposes.
  • You may modify the size, color or shape of the icons. No attribution is required.
  • The icons are delivered in .psd, .ai and .png format.
  • Reselling of bundles or individual content is prohibited.
  • You may enter projects into contests, film festivals, publications and or exhibitions that use the assets in the permitted listed methods.

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Free Download: AppleTea Creative PSD Template

NOW ON: Free Download: AppleTea Creative PSD Template

Expires: December 31, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Download the AppleTea Creative PSD Template, which was created by AppleTea Design.

It’s based on 1170 grid system. Fully editable and a perfect-pixel Creative template. All layers are well named and arranged in groups for a quick and easy modification. Suitable for personal portfolio or creative agency.

Note: This file was saved for Photoshop CS6 and can be opened in Photoshop CS6 or higher.

Deal terms:

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