eBook: Sketching with CSS – only $14!

NOW ON: eBook: Sketching with CSS – only $14!

Expires: November 17, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Sick of spending so much time creating Photoshop mockups only to completely rebuild everything in HTML? Save yourself a step by sketching out your website directly with your code. The Sketching with CSS eBook will teach you how to use CSS’ amazing features to your advantage. This deal includes a number of different packages offering more than 200 pages of design info, along with cheat sheets, screencasts, video interviews from expert designers, and more. You can even save more than 50% off the regular price for a limited time thanks to this amazing Mighty Deal!

Sketching with CSS Highlights:

  • 200+ Info-Packed Pages
    The Sketching with CSS eBook features 232 pages full of powerful information to help you master the design tools available in CSS. 
  • Simplify Your Life
    Forget mocking up designs in Photoshop only to completely rebuild them again in HTML. Sketching with CSS will teach you how to use CSS to your advantage. You’ll learn everything from using the new flexbox module for creating the perfect layout to making cross-site changes with one line of code.
  • Read it Anywhere
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you the Sketching with CSS eBook in both PDF and HTML/ePub formats. That means you can read it just about anywhere you and your devices go.
  • Cheat Sheets
    Nothing’s more helpful (and time saving!) than a few quick cheat sheets. This puppy includes helpful crib notes for Git, Flexbox, Advanced CSS selectors and CSS3 effects. 
  • 2+ Hours of Screencasts
    As a great companion piece to Sketching with CSS, you’ll get yourself more than 2 hours of helpful screencasts.
  • 8 Video Interviews
    Learn from the best with a collection of video interviews with expert designers. Depending on the package you select with this Mighty Deal, you’ll get a number of interviews from the following experts:
    • Chris Coyier — Chris runs CSS-Tricks.com and founded Codepen.io. Through his interview, you’ll learn how he got started with web development and what tools he uses.
    • Sacha Greif — Self-taught in web development, Sacha started developing his own products thanks to the efficiency of knowing how to code.
    • Nathan Barry — Learn all about browser limitations before you really dive into your next project. 
    • Aaron Gustafson — Find out how designers and developers best work together as Aaron gives a close look at the workflow of his well-known web design consultancy. 
    • Jen Myers — Jen runs down the overall importance of frameworks and how they can be huge productivity boosters.
    • Jarrod Drysdale — Integrating Photoshop into your coding workflow is a great tool and Jarrod explains the whys and hows behind it all. 
    • Nick Disabato — Nick shows you why knowing how to code can give you a major advantage when working with front-end developers.
    • Trent Walton — Diving into coding asap is what Trent’s interview is all about as he explains the importance of keeping your toolchain simple and working past the tears on responsive design.
  • Commented Code
    Reading is one thing but learning by example is another. With Sketching with CSS, you can even follow along with the lessons by viewing commented HMTL and CSS examples. 
  • Perfect for Designers
    This fantastic resource is geared towards Web designers, not front-end developers. While you don’t need to be an expert, you should have a good working knowledge of CSS and HTML to truly take advantage of this eBook.

About the Author:

Chicago-based Sean Fioritto is a front-end developer. Besides writing the Sketching with CSS eBook, he’s written for Smashing Magazine and created a number of open source projects. 


“Really enjoying the book – knew I should be using all the things covered so far – but where to start? Your book is just the right level of detail to get going and do something with these tools – which is always the best way to learn.” – Nick Baldwin

“First time I feel like I’m confident about going to work through a book on coding. It’s really well written and doesn’t frighten me from the start.” – Sasha Blumer

“You have no clue how much time you’ve saved me trying to figure this stuff out.” – Antonio Moton

“I can’t thank you enough, your book finally got me using git through the command line! How did I work without this before? No clue.” – Ivan Bruyako


There are a number of packages available for Sketching With CSS, offering you savings of more than 50% off the regular price!

The Book and Code Package – only $14 (Regularly $39 )

  • 232 PDF and HTML/ePub formats of Sketching with CSS
  • Commented HTML and CSS 

The Book and Videos Package – only $47 (Regularly $99 )

  • 232 PDF and HTML/ePub formats of Sketching with CSS
  • 2+ hours of screencasts
  • Cheat sheets for Git, Flexbox, Advanced CSS selectors and CSS3 effects
  • Commented HTML and CSS 
  • 4 video interviews with expert designers

The Complete Package – only $99 (Regularly $249)

  • 232 PDF and HTML/ePub formats of Sketching with CSS
  • 2+ hours of screencasts
  • Cheat sheets for Git, Flexbox, Advanced CSS selectors and CSS3 effects
  • Commented HTML and CSS 
  • 8 video interviews with expert designers

Click the BUY NOW button, select your package and start mastering design today!

Deal terms:

  • You will receive a unique link, after completing your purchase, to sign up using your email address only. The download links will then be sent to you instantly.
  • Your email address will only be used by the vendor for the purpose of providing tips and updates. You may unsubscribe from these emails at any time.
  • Sold on a per user basis. These files may not be shared or redistributed.


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