Microthemer: Customize Any WP Theme Responsively – only $17!

NOW ON: Microthemer: Customize Any WP Theme Responsively – only $17!

Expires: September 25, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

WordPress’ open-source nature offers a tremendous amount of freedom when it comes to creating and adjusting your themes. But if you’re not an expert in HTML or CSS, it can be a major hassle! Well, put your frustrations aside, because with Microthemer from Themeover.com, you won’t need to know even one line of code.

This incredible Visual Design Plugin will let you easily customize any WordPress Theme. Not only does it allow you to create a responsive design of your theme, but you can edit the look and feel of your site right on your site itself! Act fast, though, because for a limited time only, you can get this amazing plugin for more than 50% off the regular price!

Microthemer Visual Design Plugin Highlights:

  • No Programming Necessary
    No need to be scared of HTML or CSS anymore. In fact, no need to know a stitch of code! Using Microthemer, you can easily customize your WordPress theme right from an intuitive admin screen!
  • Works With Any WordPress Website
    No matter what WordPress theme you’re using, Microthemer will be there for you. That’s right, it lets you customize ANY WordPress theme!
  • Edit Directly On Your Website
    Forget about clumsy admins where you can never remember where anything is. With Microthemer, your editing options are loaded right on top of your actual website! Just point and click on your site and edit the template!
  • Swap in Tons of New Fonts
    Thanks to Google Web Fonts, you website owners have a pretty ridiculous amount of options to choose from when selecting a typeface. And with Microthemer, you can visually browse through them right from within the app itself. Found something you like? Add it to your page with just a single click!
  • Mistake Proof!
    Making it super easy to edit your site also means it’s crazy easy to make a mistake. Lucky for you that Microthemer includes revision history, so you can simply roll back to any of the previous 20 revisions if you make a mistake.
  • Responsive Design
    Making your website portable is pretty much a necessity these days. That’s why Microthemer includes a Responsive Web Design feature to let you preview your site in a variety of different screen sizes. Apply different styling to each specific device without worrying about writing any code at all.
  • 70+ CSS Properties
    This incredible plugin comes built with a choice of more than 70 CSS properties to style your blog theme. It truly is a visually amazing WordPress CSS plugin!
  • Build Your Own Them Library
    Archive your micro themes and pile up an entire library of micro themes. Then import any of them any time you’d like. Switching between different designs is a snap, making them testing easy as pie!


Is there some kind of annual awards show for WP plugin developers with a category for Best Customer Support? I’ll nominate you if there is. Thanks for your help and a great plugin. – Dr. Eric C. Helmer

Microthemer is a great development tool. I’ve tried it with the Gantry theme/framework initially just to create custom widget boxes but by applying some negative margins and a pastel image I was able to turn the macho default into a ‘froo-froo’ girlie theme in just a few hours. Best dev toy I’ve bought this year! – Belinda

Brilliant! This is the best plugin in the world. – Keith

Thank you for the quick answer. Problem solved. I am very happy with the product, is exactly what I was looking for. Excellent! – Juana

Just purchased the developer app. This plug in has been a God send!! Thanks!!!!” – Wayne Ulery


Microthemer normally sells for $45, but for a limited time only, you can get this fantastic visual design plugin for only $17! That’s more than 60% off the regular price! Additionally, you have the option of purchasing a Developer’s Version of Microthemer for just $39 (Regularly $90)!

Click the BUY NOW button, choose your version option and start editing your WordPress theme now!

Deal terms:

  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to register at the Themeover.com website, to download Microthemer.
  • Includes free updates and support for life.
  • Microthemer is a WordPress plugin, which can only be installed on self hosted WordPress sites (not sites hosted at WordPress.com).
  • Requires WordPress 3.2 or higher. 
  • The Standard license allows for usage on one domain only. The Developer license allows you to use Microthemer on unlimited domains.
  • Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is NOT permitted.

via MightyDeals http://bit.ly/1BOQlyc


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