Colossal Bundle of Over $3,000 Worth of Graphics – only $24!

NOW ON: Colossal Bundle of Over $3,000 Worth of Graphics – only $24!

Expires: September 15, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Need access to loads of graphics? Then set your peepers on the Vandelay Premier Membership! You can find yourself browsing through a library full of more than $3,000 worth of graphics. There’s no limit to what or how much you can download and new elements are added every single week. Find loads of designer resources including wireframes, icons, logos, UI kits, textures, Photoshop brushes, business templates, and tons more. The real crazy part? You can get access for 6 months at a price of just $24!

Vandelay Premier Membership Highlights:

  • $3,000+ Worth of Graphics
    If you purchased every available graphic in Vandelay’s library, you’d end up shelling out more than $3,000. But with this Mighty Deal, you can get it all for less than $25!
  • No Limits
    With your Premier Membership, there aren’t any limits or restrictions on your downloads. Take whatever you need from a few to a few thousand high-quality design resources.
  • New Elements Added Weekly
    Even with so many amazing resources at your disposal, there’s still more. In fact, you’ll never be complete because Vandelay is constantly adding more and more new resources every single week!
  • Yours to Keep
    Whatever you download is yours. Even if your membership ends, you can still use anything and everything you’ve already gotten your hands on.

So what exactly is available in Vandelay’s robust graphics library? Take a look at just a small sample:

Easily Build Wireframes

Besides finding pre-designed wireframes, you can browse through hundreds of gorgeous design elements to put your own Photoshop wireframes together. There’s even a Wireframe Pro collection with over 400 elements and 13 pre-designed wireframes if you’re looking for a quick start.

Professional UI Kits

You’ll have access to over 120 different UI and Mobile UI kits! Streamline the entire design process as you build out a beautiful and engaging user interface. Take a peek at just a few of the more popular UI kits available in the library:

Menso UI Set (details)

Precio UI Set (details)


UI Kit PSD Four Pack (details)


Flatty Mega UI Kit (details)

Wireapp Mobile UI (details)

Freelancer Starter Kit

Just starting out? Then boy have you hit the jackpot! You may want to start by grabbing the Freelance Starter Kit which is loaded with professional resources to help you run a succesful freelance business. You’ll find things like contract, invoice and proposal templates, letterhead, business cards, marketing materials, brochures, portfolio books and more, including interviews with successful designers, ebooks and more.

1,000+ Hi-Res Textures

You want textures? You got textures! You’ll find thousands of hi-res textures, including a number of popular texture bundles to help grab a slew at once, such as the Premier Texture Bundle, Premier Texture Bundle 2, and the Premier Texture Bundle 3.

500+ Photoshop Brushes

Let your true artistic nature shine by altering your brush! Your Photoshop brush, that is. Grab one of the popular Photoshop Brushes Bundles like the Premier Photoshop Brushes Bundle and Premier Photoshop Brushes Bundle 2 and get your hands on more than 550+ different brushes.

500+ Premier Icons

Everybody loves icons! That’s why there’s popular collections like the Premier Icon Bundle and Premier Icon Bundle 2 which sport more than 500 essential icons.

Loads More Resources

That’s just the tip of the designer iceberg. You’ll also find an arsenal of logos, responsive HTML templates, email newsletter HTML templates, and oodles more templates for things like brochures, resumes, flyers, business cards, identity sets, contracts and oh so much more!


Normally, a 6-month membership to Vandelay Premier costs $49, but for a limited time only, you can get over $3,000 worth of graphics with a 6-month Vandelay Premier membership for only $24! That’s a 50% savings off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button to get access to one big, honkin’ designer library!

Deal terms:

  • After completing your purchase, you will receive a coupon code and URL where you can register at the Vandelay Premier website. In order to access your account, you must register for a Vandelay Design account within 2 weeks of completing your purchase.
  • You will need to login with PayPal in order to complete the registration process at the Vandelay website for renewal (for after this 6 month period). If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create one using a credit card when registering. You can cancel your membership at any time to avoid any further charges. Renewal payments are every 6 months at the rate of $49/month.
  • All files from Vandelay Premier are royalty-free for personal or commercial use.

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