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If you are not approaching owned, earned and paid media holistically as a one set integrated strategy and execution, you are not producing optimal results. No doubt!

Well over one year ago, I wrote a piece “Integrating Owned Media, Earned Media, and Paid Media.” I emphasized that a well coordinated plan weaves strategy and execution across owned, earned and paid media at three time intervals: pre-reveal, reveal, and post reveal.

As we now look at how social media practice and platforms are evolving, the lines between these media are becoming more blurred. Take Facebook for instance. As a brand, when you post some content, that is owned media working for your brand, right? But if you look at the actual Facebook rules and user behavior, maybe not – or at least maybe you should have incorporated some paid media to really maximize results. Confused? Let me explain.


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If you’re a small to medium size business that is looking for a company to develop, produce, or distribute your company’s custom content, then let me know. Social Steve lays out the importance of such an integrated marketing plan of attack with great understanding and influence. 2013 is a year that will highlight the companies that do this successfully and completely ignore the ones that don’t. Content in context is the only way to separate an stand out from the over saturation of content flooding the marketplace.

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Content for the PeopleIf I had to pick one key area of evolution of social media marketing in 2012, I would say it was the integration of content marketing into social strategies and plans. For many years I have said that brands need to think like publishers. It is brand content that is often shared among users as opposed to brand products/services. And many brands get this. They are looking at a marketing plan that is integrated – owned and earned media with paid media.

I captured the importance of content marketing as a prerequisite of social marketing in the article “Content Marketing – Social Marketing: You Can’t Have One without the Other.” But content marketing is not enough. Brands need to evolve to provide contextually relevant content in 2013.

Why is this so? Pretty simple answer – there is no shortage of content on any topic under the sun…

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