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The Old Man and the Sea

An inventive and creative perspective on one of Ernest Hemingway’s greatest works, “The Old Man and the Sea”.

On a side note, Hemingway was known to love fishing and the tiny island and waters of Cuba. I can’t help but identify many of Hemingway’s traits to those of my late grandfather, Tomas Victor Gutierrez. My grandfather was born and raised in Cuba until the Castro regime came to power. There weren’t many things my grandfather loved more than fishing on the ocean’s open waters. Although my grandfather went to Miami every Spring to fish in the waters shared with his home country, it was something that I was never able to experience with him. That said, he did pass on his passion for the ocean and water to me. I was raised a swimmer and will forever appreciate and respect the ocean. And one day, I too will pass and my ashes joined with the great men who came before me spread across the sea. R.I.P. TVG (d. 1/6/2006, 25 years later to the day of my birth). the old man and the sea